.:A Pint:.

“Weekend is incomplete without a pint.”

You can said i’m alcoholic. I wont deny it. Cause the more I try to defend, the more you will think I am one.

This pint glass behavior was picked up when I started my working life in KL. That time was only me, felix and edwin, weekend is really something I looking forward after a week of stressful work. Meeting up for dinner and for few pints becoming a routine in our life.

People come people go. edwin left us to KK, felix went back to borneo territory, fushen, kevin & soonie join the pint gang and make the beer flowing, but our nature of work do not allow us to meet so often. I appreciate every chance we can meet up for a drink, and most importantly I realized that is not about the thing in the pint glass, is all about catching up with each other and see how each other doing.

Is meaningless to drink alone. At least for me.

So, all my brothers out there, is time for you to get me a pint when u read this


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.:Someone Like You:.

Never mind I’ll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
“Don’t forget me,” I begged
“I’ll remember,” you said
“Sometimes it lasts in love
But sometimes it hurts instead.”

I think 2011 is the year of Adele. “Some one like you” already spoiled my replay button in iTunes & Youtube, replacing super emo Christina Perri – “Jar of Hearts”. And appreciated my bro, Joshua searching for me the link for the whole “21-Adele” album. Danke!


I was away from quite sometimes. Busy is not the right word to use for not posting any new entry. I guess i’ll just admit i am lazy. But I used to post a lot when I was emo and depressing, may be i should said my past few months were going pretty well?? Not sure though.

I was assigned in KHL, Lumut for 42 days for my first ever loadout assignment. Pretty messed up project, but thanks God I made it through. Covered myself like a Taliban everyday, climbed scaffolding up to 30m high, carried out inspection and most of the time quarreled and argued with client.

Then, me and my brathers had a very relaxing and refreshing trip to Phuket. Enjoying the sun, the fine beaches, excellent foods, cheap drinks (beerssss, i means) and of course a lot of bikini girls to wash our eyes. Mobilizing with bike in Phuket is economic and easy. It will just cost Rm20 per day excluding fuel. Will definitely go back again.

And now I am back to KL office. For those who still asking me when will fly to India, No! I ain’t going anymore. =) assigned to new project in Myanmar. If the plan executed accordingly, I will be at Indonesia in October and Myanmar in November and December. Hope everything go well cause i desperately need some allowances.



My latest schedule from the supervisor.

Lumut: 15th Jan – 6th Feb

Flight to India: 30th Jan

How am I supposed to go India while I have to be in the yard???

If only I know how to split myself, then I will not going to miss this. T_T I want to celebrate CNY ah~

(Pic taken on 2010 CNY’s eve reunion dinner)

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.:Beware of Sharp Object:.

“While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our action.”


Instead of climbing over the wall, I will walk straight in using the front door. =)

You always have a choice!!

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.:Christmas Light:.

*Merry Christmas* and #Happy New Year# to all my beloved friends!!

Christmas night, another fight
Tears we’ve cried are flood
Got all kinds of poison in
Of poison in my blood

I took my feet to Oxford street
Trying to right or wrong
Just walk away those windows
But I can’t believe she’s gone

When your still waiting for the snowfall
Doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all

A group of candles on me are flickering
Oh they flicker and they flow
And I am up here holding on to all those chandeleers of hope
And like some drunken in this city
I am go singing out of tune
Singing how I always loved you darling
And how I always will

But when your still waiting for the snowfall
Doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all
Still waiting for the snow to fall
It doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all

Those Christmas Lights
Light up the street
Down where the sea and city meet
May all your troubles soon be gone
Ohh Christmas Lights keep shining on

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.:Get Wet:.

Attended this Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (Bosiet) last 2 months. The most interesting part was this HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training.

Damn nervous at the beginning but at the end i wish the training will repeat few more times. LOL!!

Brace!!! Brace!!! BRACE!!!!

Take a deep breathe!!!!



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It was long since the last post.

Some things happened since then.

I changed a job.

I been through some tough times and learned some life lessons.

Just hope things will get better.

It will. Eventually.

There is always light at the other end!!!



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