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.:Congratulations :.


Today is the convocation of a good friend of mine – Lee Ming Hwa.

I would like to wish her congratulations upon her graduation.

Good luck and all da best for your future!!

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.:Takin Back My Love:.

On top of my music player song  list…


I’ve given you too much but I’m takin’ back my love”

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.:Light On:.

someone turn off my light…

waiting someone to turn it on again…


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Intrusion of a Guest Writer

Hello Hello..I’m a guest writer for Faiker’s Broken Wings. He requested me to write an entry for him since he’s too busy and he said his life wasn’t happening enough to updates anything. Ha ha ha. Unbelievable that he wanted me to intrude his blog as his guest writer.

I prefer to not reveal my identity, just refer to me as Dutch Lady. I came out with this nick because I just drank Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk and the empty pack is lying on my study table. -.-

Some updates on Faiker’s activities lately. He had been eating a lot, playing Badminton, playing DOTA and watching Gossip Girls and American Next Top Model. Even I’m a girl, I don’t watch them ok. I don’t know what on earth got into his mind. Last weekend, he went back to his hometown to celebrate Mooncake Festival and also attends his cousin’s wedding. And he got emotional again when his relatives asked him, “Got GF already or not?” Ha ha ha.. (woi all the girls out there!)

In no chronological order, the other weeks he spent few hundred bucks going to Avril’s concert and eating TGIF without me. L He went to waterfall and play with water and he slipped and fell down on his chest. This is kinda worrying ok, I asked him to faster go and see a doctor this weekend since he complained he had a terrible chest pain which may lead to very bad negative consequences as it had happened to someone I knew too.

I’m currently listening One Republic’s Come Home which is Faiker’s current favourite song [I think because he got so emotional after listening to this song] while he’s in the midst of preparing for his Ocean and Coastal Engineering test which for sure he is going to score good grades. Stupid Faiker, treat me for the A you gonna get ok..

I seriously don’t know what to write here but maybe…maybe…I also don’t know. Oh well, for those readers who don’t know Faiker well, maybe I can do a little introduction. His real name is Look Chee Fai. How he came up with the nick Faiker? Faiker = F**ker. Go figure it out yourself. *Profanities alert*. Chee Fai is a nice name but it can sound wrong when someone has a short tongue. F substitute with B. -.- Last few days, he decided to sound more like a man [finally!], he changed his nick to Faiter. I thought Faiter=Fatter? His reply was “Faiter=Fighter”. I almost fell down from my chair.

He always bully me and makes me cry and I feel like smacking him with my pillow [at least I’m being more considerate, not using anything harder]. He should be thankful at least till today I haven’t stabbed him with a knife. *Evil Laugh* He treats other so kind and gentle except me. Misery me. L The other day when I had bruises on my arm, instead of offering words of comfort, he pricked his finger exactly on the bruise spot [it hurts ok] and laughed at me. In return, I kicked his leg back and he got heartache because he was wearing his favourite Ocean Pacific jeans. Serve you right 😛

He is the stingiest person I ever met in this world. He always says he will treat me Jogoya but then I had waited for ages already. Sigh. I can just forget about it la. L But the other day, he bought me a pack of economy rice when I was sick..Haha. I can’t believe he was this nice after all the mean things he had done to me. This is like a fairytale. wtf. But I wasn’t lucky enough to taste his cooking. He said he was lazy to pass it to me. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise; his self-prepared meal is not edible one. Confirm diarrhoea.

Faiker has big dreams in his life. He wants to leave Malaysia and migrate to the best-city-in-the-world-to-live-in. He wants to get marry to a girl who look alike like the girl in Jay Chou’s “Wo Bu Pei” MTV video. She’s such a pretty chick. Go check the MTV out for a glimpse of his dream girl. I told him surely can. Work hard and become rich. He will get any girls he wants, but more probable in terms of look, not necessary personality. It’s just so hard to find the right personality of the Mr Right/Miss Right today.

He’s a Geminian born on 20th June 1986. Please do not forget this date because he loves to have birthday presents and greetings. He will get VERY emotional if people forget about him.  Guess what I got him for his last birthday? I don’t even know why I bought him that. I think he hates me even more for buying him such stuff. I promise I will get you a better present next year if I still see you again. Ha ha. Btw, where is my birthday present? T_T Some say Geminians are people with dual split personality and sweet talker. I think he had killed too many girls’ heart but then he is denying it. ROFL. 😛

He grows up from a little town called Temerloh back in Pahang. I think he’s lucky because he was blessed with good genes. His eyes are amazingly larger-than-normal for an Asian Chinese. Nono. I think his eyes were smaller when he was born. As he grew up, he likes to peep at his neighbour’s wife who is washing clothes everyday. I tell you, he’s damn hamsap okie. That’s why his eyes became bigger. Jokes aside, he had gone through a lot of sad things before this. But he was damn strong ok. Should give him credits and hugs for that.

I had known Faiker for not a very long time, but in a couple of month time, I guess I won’t be seeing him anymore after that. L No one annoyed me the way he did and surprised me the way he did. Two paths will diverge; will our path cross and meet again? I don’t know where I will go and he will go; Faiker might be fighting with tides and waves at the Sea of Okhotsk and I guess I will be milking some cows and plucking red apples in New Zealand. LOL.

All the best, my friend.

Dutch Lady.


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Laugh. Laugh until stomachache.

Smile. Smile until jaw tired.

Cry. Cry until no more tears.

Eat. Eat until big tummy.

Drink. Drink until vomit.

Sleep. Sleep until tomorrow. 

Spend. Spend until bank=0.

STUDY. Study until Graduated.

LOL~~~ This weekend is convo edi… but not mine.. sobs… -_-“


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more than one month didn’t update the blog… i lost the interested of blogging? hell no…haha… i am super duper busy last month… now.. most of the things seem to be settled… i think is the time to start blog again…

finally i arrived at malaysia safely on 12 july 2008… gained a lot of things… especially weight… lol… first, wan to thank jackie, kevin, n kareen for sacrificing the beautiful saturday to pick me up from KLIA… thanks a lot woei… n the dim sum breakfast is the nicest breakfast for the past 8 months…  =p

back to hometown for 3 days… meet my parents, grandpa n relatives.. everyone is fine… thanks God… 

then, lepak kl for 3 days… busy wit the internship final report…dam boring but need to finish it also… n i spend a day wit ming hwa to visit sufen in seremban… forced by sufen mom to eat durian… haha… but the durian is nice la… followed by ban mian…then at night chris joined us for dinner… 2 kg of crabs… really crap lo…. eat so much….

friday… joshua n acga send me back to utp from kl…. again… thanks thanks thanks… this 2 fella ah… dam cheating… dont let me pay for the petrol… dont let me pay the tol… jilaka!!! next time dont wanna sit ur car edi la… hahaha… n during journey we found out that stupid joshua driving witout license for the past 4 months.. wtf!!!! n he dam confident that his license still valid…. -_-“

after that, kevin n pc joined us to ipoh… eat eat eat again…. but the outing is dam nice la… me n kevin same kindergarden.. kevin n joshua primary schoolmate… joshua n me secondary schoolmate… me n kevin unimate… wtf!!! dam complicated…hahahaha… actually can be more complicated… but i would like to skip that part… =p

yup… i am in UTP now… back as a F1 student… foundation 1?  hahaha…i wish… is final year 1st sem edi… suddenly feel myself dam old… saw a lot of juniors… but dont know them at all… n they are born in 1990.. wtf!!! -_-“

n after a long consideration… i settled down myself wit offshore structure as my specialization… never know is a correct decision or not… but i think at this moment… i like what i am doin… no regret… haha… n happy to meet all the friends back here… everybody seems to be good n fine… =)

last… just wanna say that… last week, one of my best friend’s lost the person he love the most in his life… i am really sorry to hear that… i am so so so sorry i cant be there to give my support to him… i hope he is fine n doing good… life goes on… i will pray for uncle… u as the eldest son… must be strong to take care ur siblings and mummy… God bless…. 



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“You make me so hot
Make me wanna drop
It’s so ridiculous
I can barely stop
I can hardly breathe
You make me wanna scream”

Winamp is playing avril lagvine-hot. exactly describing the condition here now. is already summer in uae. here is 2 season country. when i arrived here, it was winter, the weather is so nice. something like cameron highland and genting highland. sleep wit aircond off. 

now. the fxxking hot sun like a fireball. is 41 celsius today. n it will reach around 50 in june and july. kill me or i will die by then..i walk out from the office to another cabin. the sunlight is burning the skin. feel dam pain!!! like putting weak acid to the skin…wtf!!!! n the heat!!! once u r out from the cabin…the heat hit straight on ur face…feel like inside the oven…n i am start melting…

if u think that is only for afternoon…then your are wrong…at night…the wind is blowing…but the wind is hot!!! fxxk!!! just the different is afternoon u feel inside an oven, night u are at sauna…free sauna huh? dam!!! when i wanna take a cold bath…to chill myself…wtf!!! the water from the tap is hot too…my balls almost cooked!!! dam it…my fren advise me store a pail of water in the morning before go to work…use it for bath in the evening!!

i am not trying to exaggerate here…is real HOT!!!! 

updated- after complaint by khian 



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