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Eason Chan Live in Malaysia – 6th August 2011.

I missed his concert in Singapore last year. No way I will miss again this time.

Heard Faye Wong is coming in Nov. But #*$*#%$%(#*$%!!!!! Probably will not in Malaysia that time. Crap.

COLDPLAY, when are you coming?!?!?!?!

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.:Someone Like You:.

Never mind I’ll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you too
“Don’t forget me,” I begged
“I’ll remember,” you said
“Sometimes it lasts in love
But sometimes it hurts instead.”

I think 2011 is the year of Adele. “Some one like you” already spoiled my replay button in iTunes & Youtube, replacing super emo Christina Perri – “Jar of Hearts”. And appreciated my bro, Joshua searching for me the link for the whole “21-Adele” album. Danke!


I was away from quite sometimes. Busy is not the right word to use for not posting any new entry. I guess i’ll just admit i am lazy. But I used to post a lot when I was emo and depressing, may be i should said my past few months were going pretty well?? Not sure though.

I was assigned in KHL, Lumut for 42 days for my first ever loadout assignment. Pretty messed up project, but thanks God I made it through. Covered myself like a Taliban everyday, climbed scaffolding up to 30m high, carried out inspection and most of the time quarreled and argued with client.

Then, me and my brathers had a very relaxing and refreshing trip to Phuket. Enjoying the sun, the fine beaches, excellent foods, cheap drinks (beerssss, i means) and of course a lot of bikini girls to wash our eyes. Mobilizing with bike in Phuket is economic and easy. It will just cost Rm20 per day excluding fuel. Will definitely go back again.

And now I am back to KL office. For those who still asking me when will fly to India, No! I ain’t going anymore. =) assigned to new project in Myanmar. If the plan executed accordingly, I will be at Indonesia in October and Myanmar in November and December. Hope everything go well cause i desperately need some allowances.


.:Joshua’s Day:.

Ya,don’t look around.

You’re the only Joshua I knew.

The one who always thought himself looks like Justin Timberlake because of his curl hair.

The one who always thought himself can melt every girl’s heart.


And also the one who always there for his brothers.

So, I take this opportunity to wish you a very


May you have all the  joy your heart can hold.

All the smiles a day can bring.

All the blessings a life can unfold.

May you have Gods best in everything.

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.:Days at Cinema:.

for me, the best way to kill time in KL is go to the cinema… buy a ticket,  popcorn and drink… sit down and enjoy the show…

Lately, I visiting the cinema quite often… and the movies i watched for the past one month are…


District 9

i would say is a very interesting movie… the movie started off with narrating by the main character… and the introduction of  “prawns” (alien) on earth… looks like a documentary video… but the story continue with the actor himself turning into an alien… the escaping and fighting part was spectacular… didn’t expected would be that good… there were some ppl left the cinema at the middle of the movie… as Kevin said… this is a love it or hate it movie… like Cloverfield… but i kinda like it…



Typical Disney cartoon with warm and touching story line… a husband traveling with the flying house just to accomplish his wife’s dream… kareen cried in the cinema… kevin said it was the best cartoon of the year (if i am not mistaken)… for me is just average… may be i am just not too keen in this type of cartoon… Southpark or Happy Tree Friends were definitely my type~ haha



Never plan to watch this movie… but while waiting Kareen for her delivery… me n Felix went to Tropicana Mall to catch a movie… since i already watched G.I. Joe and District 9… so not much choice left… we decided to watch aaron kwok on the big screen… initially felix thought that it was police movie with murderer with some action etc…but the movie was freak out… very complicated and interesting plot… the real killer was hard to predict… at the end of the show… felix was kinda regret to enter the cinema… LOLXX!


Final Destination 4

OMFG… i paying money to see how ppl die and scared myself… lol~ still prefer the old Final Destination… this time the way they died was unrealistic la…

and the next movie i looking forward is



anyone wanna join???

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1st of August, 2009


Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium

RM388、RM328、RM268、RM228、RM168、RM128 and RM88

should I go?



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Kris Allen, the new crowned American Idol… he might not be the best singer from the show… but i think he did a pretty good job…

David cook

I am never a fans of cook… but his first single… Light On… top my playlist for quite sometimes… n this time… i think “Permanent” will do the same… =) The live performance in the AI8 finale is super awesome!!

currently listening to David Cook – Permanent and Kris Allen – No Boundaries.


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.:She Is Not Sexy At All:.

Avril.. thanks for coming to Malaysia.. thanks for the superb performance although is a bit too short.. but still i enjoy myself very much…the queuing for 4 hours is worth it…the ticket i paid is worth it too…i wont write much about the details… cuz i know kevin will write a good entry for this one… haha… check out his blog to know more about AVRIL~~ 

performing “Best Damn Thing”. she is so cute.. trying to make so fun wit the crowd..

the pink piano.. playing “When You’re Gone”.. awesome!!

acoustic time… play few songs… she nailed it… n the pink guitar is eye-catching!

after the concert… 4 of us taking a picture… we are so dam tired… stand for whole day.. didn’t eat anything… but i still think is worth it… =)



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