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.:Happy Birthday – KLEK:.

Kareen’s wishes: Designer’s Beg, Audi TT, Victoria Secret, Bikini Body and Hot Hunky Men…. and the list goes on and on…


Sorry for cant help u for all the above. =P

But i wish you the best in your future undertaking, happy and healthy life ahead.

Happy happy birthday!!! 



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.:Say Cheeseee:.

Let’s die young.



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.:Marufuku & Madrid:.

Its Wednesday. Since I cant fast forward to the weekend, some foods and drinks will definitely keeping me alive till weekend.

Udon at Marufuku

Credit to Kareen Lee for introducing such a nice place serving affordable and surprisingly good udon (Most expensive Udon = RM10). And most importantly they charge NO TAX. All items in the menu are NETT price.

After a hot bowl of udon, a glass of chill beer is a must. Paulaner was the choice for the day. Madrid served variety of draft beer and the service was really good. They even changed the chill glass for our beer after some times. *Thumbs up*
Venues: Marufuku & Madrid, Jaya One
Peoples: Me, KV, YY
Foods: Udons, Fried squids, Kakiage pumpkin
Drinks: Green tea, Paulaner, Kilkenny, White Wine
Topics Discussed: Universal studio, weddings, relationship, money
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Eason Chan Live in Malaysia – 6th August 2011.

I missed his concert in Singapore last year. No way I will miss again this time.

Heard Faye Wong is coming in Nov. But #*$*#%$%(#*$%!!!!! Probably will not in Malaysia that time. Crap.

COLDPLAY, when are you coming?!?!?!?!

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.:Credit to Air Asia:.

Thanks Air Asia for the 10cent ticket promotion. I am lucky enough to get myself a ticket!!!

and I shall say:”HOTTIESSS!! see you all next year!!!” =3=

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Sleeping late and waking up early is not fun at all.

TGIF. I shall not sleepy today, better be productive. I don’t wanna come back office during weekend.

“I’m coming home, I’m coming home.”. Cousin is getting married.


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.:War of Desserts:.

Dessert is the new trend in KL. You can easily find few different type of desserts shop in the same row of street or inside a shopping mall. Some people even take dessert as their mail meal. Seems like opening a dessert business is not a bad idea.

To prevent myself got outdated or so call trying to follow the trend, I’ve tried the recent hottest desserts in KL.

KTZ – “Mango Lo”

This is a bit too sweet for my taste. The fresh mango can be sweet and sour sometimes, depends on your luck. Price is reasonable. Located at SS2 and can be crowded during weekend and especially at night. Will not make the effort to go all the way for this. If so happened that passing by and the place is not pack, I don’t mind to get one.

Snowflake – Japan Combo

I heard of this like few month ago, but that time they have only one outlet in SS15 Subang Jaya, and is famous with its long queue. My first time trying this was in the new branch in Kuchai Lama. I like it when the first time i eat this, sweet red beans, chewy green tea taroballs and soya flavor ice, superb combination. Went back again the next day to get another one. =) and since then still craving for it. After 1 week, I went back again and this time took me 40min to get my Japan Combo, but I didn’t feel the awesomeness like the first time I had it. Now, when I craving for snowflake, I will think bout the queue and it will kill the idea of getting one.

Tutti-Frutti – TF Original

When I passed by Tutti Frutti outlet in Tropicana City Mall, I was fascinated by this self-dispensed frozen yogurt machine. Take all you want and weight it!!! Yeah… first timer like me, got excited and trying to fill the cup to the fullest, so when paying at the weighing counter. DAMN!!! Luckily i got enough cash with me. I thought i got cheated, but not after i tasted it. This is really cool. Ice-cream+yogurt+crunchy toppings (my preference). Definitely will come back to try the different flavors. This will cost a hole in the pocket but i think it worth every cent you spend.

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