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1st of August, 2009


Bukit Jalil Putra Indoor Stadium

RM388、RM328、RM268、RM228、RM168、RM128 and RM88

should I go?



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is someone out there that can always make u smile?

may be u dont realized..

but i am sure there is…


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Kris Allen, the new crowned American Idol… he might not be the best singer from the show… but i think he did a pretty good job…

David cook

I am never a fans of cook… but his first single… Light On… top my playlist for quite sometimes… n this time… i think “Permanent” will do the same… =) The live performance in the AI8 finale is super awesome!!

currently listening to David Cook – Permanent and Kris Allen – No Boundaries.


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is it just a stage?

or i took it too serious?

honestly, is not the first time…

but i am still nervous..

even a bit panic..

i hope i can do fine…

n all turn out to be good…


wish me luck ya~ 🙂

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.:Khan’s Wedding:.

khan wedding

My brother Khan reached another stage of his life…

Getting married…

Travel from ipoh, go down Kl, meet up yau, then drive to Kuala Lipis…just to attend the wedding… i cant afford to miss this… many old old frens were there too… is like a big reunion… miss ya!!

Everything is so perfect… during the dinner… i have the feeling wanna get married too… lol…but don’t think this will happen soon…

Khan and Queennie, wish u guys happy forever!!!



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One need to be sacrificed for another…

One lie need to cover up with another…

and there goes…

sometimes, people lie, because there is thing they dun wan ppl to know..

learn to respect the lie..

is best for everyone…

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