.:Salzburg & Innsbruck:.

22 Mar

I left Vienna and came to this small town named Salzburg. This town is top of the “must visit” places in Austria after Vienna. It is near the border of Austria and Germany and took me 3 hours to reach there.


Unlike Vienna, Salzburg appears to me more peaceful and tranquil. No heavy traffics. No fancy and colorful street lights. The main decoration is the baroque architecture of the town.


The main attraction of this town, i have to say is because here is the Mozart’s birthplace. Walk around the town, you can see Mozart’s picture everywhere. Even all the souvenirs are related with him. He appears on magnets, soft toys, chocolates, rums etc. One to recommend is the Mozart Chocolate, it is round like Fererro Rocher, but the filling is marzipan. =)


Another place you wont wanna miss is Hohensalzburg Castle. It is on top of the hill, and you can see the view of whole Salzburg up there. 2 ways to go up the castle, there is a path way to hike up, or can go up with cable car by paying some euros!!


The view of Salzburg  from the top of Hohensalzburg Castle.


From Salzburg, i came to Innsbruck. Actually this destination is not in my plan, but my friend insisted me to go there. And i didnt regret to come here. This place is beautiful and breathe taking….


Innsbruck is located in the broad valley between high mountains. The view during winter is spectaculous. It just looks like scene in movie, is definitely a good place to film for romance movie. lol~ Because of these high mountain that full with snow, Innsbruck held Winter Olympic Games twice in the history.


Walking around the town, you will have this kind of view. Awesome right? The coffee shops here are full with tourists, they stopped and have coffee, enjoying the scenery. I wish there are such place in Malaysia, i would like to spend most of my time there.


One disadvantage to travel during winter is the day time is short. This picture is taken at around 4 afternoon. During winter, the night come much earlier, the night is longer than the day. But it doesnt matter, i enjoy it very much. =p

-End of Part 2-

Stay tune!

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