.:Finally, I Am Going To Meet Her:.

28 Aug

waited for so long…. then the news said… she is coming…

i was so excited… travel down to kl just to get the ticket… the most expensive one…

chance dont come twice… money can earn back… lol~ =p

BUT!!!!! out of sudden…. the ministry said the concert is banned becuz she is too sexy!!!!!!

WTF!!!!! i never heard this word used to describe her… she is talented, she is hot, she is cun, she is sweet… but i never heard ppl say she is sexy.. if she is sexy then how bout Pussycatdoll? they got chance to perform when i grow up in genting and yet she cant sing in stadium merdeka?

after few days…i dunno what Galaxy did… under table transaction? i dont care!!! the most important is she will come on 29th August!!! huhu~~

i am goin to meet her tomoro…AVRIL!!!! i am coming~~~

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Posted by on August 28, 2008 in Rock Faiker


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