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i cant believe that…i am already 22…-_-” time flies….

first, i wan to thank for all the wishes…thank you guys….appreciated so so so much…=)

the sms… the call… the friendster comment… the facebook comment… the comment in my blog…

n the birthday song…from australia…n kota bharu…hehe…

my internship comes to the end… log book is done… presentation is done… i hope the presentation went well… then it will be my best birthday present… hehe..  

finally i have little time for myself… starting to shop some souvenirs for u guys… hehe… n start packing edi… hehe… i wanna enjoy my holiday… yeahhhhh….

the 22 me!! 



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.:Viva La Vida:.

this album is definitely the album of the year for me…=) Coldplay rules & rocks!!!!

Viva la Vida means Live the life….

I used to rule the world 
Seas would rise when I gave the word

I used to roll the dice 
Feel the fear in my enemies eyes 
Listen as the crowd would sing: 
“Now the old king is dead, long live the king!”

Long Live Coldplay!!!!!!!!! the lyrics are so powerful… 

then the second song i addicted is Lost?

Just because I’m losing 
Doesn’t mean I’m lost 
Doesn’t mean I’ll stop 
Doesn’t mean I will cross 

Just because I’m hurting 
Doesn’t mean I’m hurt 
Doesn’t mean I didn’t get what I deserve 
No better and no worse 

I just got lost 
Every river that I’ve tried to cross 
Every door I ever tried was locked 
Ooh-Oh, And I’m just waiting till the shine wears off…

Fix You was one of my favorite, this year…i am pretty sure Lost? will be my song of the year… another perfect song from Coldplay… awesome…this album just come at the right time…i was tension n stress last week…replay n replay again… dam nice…. 

Viva la Vida Coldplay

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.:Drunk Faiker:.

the me now is down with 4 shot of tequila, 3 corona…dont worry… i am fxxking fine…

is greek’s birthday…i am the one that invite him out…if i am not here..means he will celebrate his birthday alone…kecian betul…same old story…he is persuading me bringing a lady back wit me…u know i dont…so in the end…he bring back 2 himself….=P his birthday…so whatever he felt happy…just do many birthday u can have in ur whole dam life…even if u have…how many is memorable…n u really enjoy it very much….frankly speaking..the nice birthday celebration that i have in my mind now is that one i have in jackie’s house…the cake that fu shen’s made for me…the friends there that celebrated wit me…is what i could never ask again in my life…appreciated it so so so so so much……

2 more days n my birthday will come…didnt expect too much…cuz i am oversea here alone…. may be just have a nice dinner with my colleague…thats it…hehe…MH say will call me up…i warn her dont…if she did this year…n she failed to do it in the coming years…i will be disappointed…hehe….

this year birthday cant have a proper dinner with my parents…is normal for them to forget bout this…i am the one to remind them and ask them out for dinner….hehe…=p sure dad will pay for the dinner.. “dad, i love u…”

n last year….the birthday cake and present from joshua n acga….thanks a lot….appreciated it so so so much…bro josh…thanks for everything…=p i love u although u are an assh*le!!!!!! lol….

log book is done…only left the presentation…then my internship will end…pray hard for me…=p


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.:I Wish:.

Saw the news from The Star online, Pretty lass lives it up in the city . Cun oh the gal.

I wish my gf is a Miss Malaysia, so i can show off in front everybody, dam proud le!! to those bastard who gf, ex-gf or wife is pageant…u lucky bastard!!! God bless u…hehe 

I wish i have a car. so i can go where i wanna go. hungry then go for food, boring then go for movie. but petrol price fxxking expensive, i dont think is a good idea to have a car now.

I wish i have a new laptop. my current laptop is dying. the LCD screen is half paralyzed, colorful rainbow…sometimes shut down without my permission, just blackout like that. _|_

I wish i have a new wallet. last 2 weeks, i put the wallet into the washing machine together with my laundry. -_-” dam bo mood. my ATM card split half!!!! luckily my driving license and IC still fine. if not, i no need go back malaysia edi.

I wish i have a watch. so i no need take out the handphone to check time. n they said a matured man need to have a good watch. i am turning 22 soon. is that matured?

haha….see i making wish means that my birthday coming edi…pandai pandai la u guys…=p


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i met a malaysia gal long ago in the club. seldom chat with each other cuz club is not a good place to chat. today i take initiative to talk to her cuz i am leaving soon. just telling her that i am leaving.

her fxxking bf get angry becuz i talk to her.. come on…just a friend from the same country… whats wrong wit that? i aint gonna fxxk ur gf…

i dont giv a dam to the fxxkin bf..i just feel guilty n bad for the gf…sorry i put u in trouble… really sorry bout tat… i thought he would understand… but he dont… sorry… hope u r doing all right….

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i expected the visit of my lecturer for my internship evaluation. but i didnt expected he come on this day. my big day. -_-” how i wanna celebrate? is there a celebration for me? no then..

haih..the same me again. doin last minutes preparation for the lecturer visit. 16 weeks log book to be done. power point presentation summore. somebody save me please.. -_-”

nobody save me?! i will save me from myself. i always do! lol…let me draw a beautiful full stop for my internship. then i will enjoy to the max before get my ass back to Malaysia.

Europe i am coming!!!!!! Malaysia i am coming too!!!! =p 

i-tune playing Ronan Keating – Bring You Home


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today..the last day of my internship?

the ending? or another beginning?

i lost my direction yesterday…

completely lost…

stay calm and steady…

ready for anything…


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