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.:City Center + Desert Safari:.

finally, i got the chance to explore dubai..hehe..i think this is the third time i am in dubai…lol…what u expect? i come here to work le, u think i come here holiday one meh? lol…this time i took the opportunity organize the trip to desert safari…n our Planning Engineer help us to request company transport to go dubai..=p..desert safari cost 180 AED (around RM 155)…at first i thought the tour is expensive, but the trip worth that price..nice…

the desert safari start around 4pm, so before that we drop by at Dubai City Center mall…i didnt buy anything cause i am so broke…window shopping la…took pictures to satisfy myself…-_-”

Me n Nicky Hilton. LOLzzz!!!!

Ted Baker London, cute right? darn expensive….but their clothing are very nice

Mac Air Book. chris when u wanna buy? hehe…

kevin’s favorite doll. quite scary le. 

4pm, the tour guide pick us up at the mall. is a Philippino guy, introduced by my fren. he work as desert safari tour guide 4 n half years edi… dam experience. me n my colleagues, 6 ppl in one Toyota Land Cruiser heading to he desert of Hatta, the border between UAE and Oman. Before enter the desert, the tour guide stop 4wd at the road side and released the air from tyre…wtf!!!! he released almost 1/4 of the air and he said that, so that the surface area of the tyre is bigger and easier to travel on desert..

traveling the never ending desert, this is another 4wd traveling at the back of us.

stop by at the camel farm. why the camel look at me like tat? 

Look: “can i bring u back to malaysia?” Camel: “dont wan la, malaysia chics not cun” lolzz!

after a little bit of warm up. the adventure part is started, drifting on the sand dune. our tour guide is the leader of 8 4wd drive, since he is the most experience one. he will find the sand dunes which are suitable to do “stunts” and others 4wd will follow at the back. the excitement i get is almost the same i ride rollercoaster…phew…n it makes me feel like vomit after the ride…dizzy *_*

stop for the desert sunset, n another reason is the 4wd engine is too hot, need to cold down a bit.. 

sunset view at Hatta Desert

after that, went to the camp at the middle of the desert for the buffet dinner and performances. quite nice food, served tikka, kebab, lamp chop, pasta, rice, bread, fruit…dam full!!! n while we are eating, there is this lady performing belly dancing show…ok ok la..should get a younger lady…hehe~

n this uncle is playing fire. lol. make me think of Fantastic 4, Fireboy. hehe.

nice trip, hehe. enjoy so much, n very tiring, arrive Fujairah about 12pm edi. the next day morning, i didnt go to work in the morning. plan to take one day off. mana tahu manager call n ask me go to office after lunch. got urgent report need to submit. -_-” haiz. let me rest one day also cannot meh? hehe…


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