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i always tell my friends…. “i got 1 friend, which i found nothing special… he was just another xxxcollege alike boys from temerloh”

but ever since form 5 he starts changing

after going to utp..he changed alot…

standard of living goes beyond my expectation… 

u really different from the rest

maybe ppl in utp really change u alot

try asking anyone of our ex clasmates.,. i doubt they even know whats timbaland or lifehouse

probably thought its a food name

i tell everyone de ar

i always say i very bangga with u

cuz ur semangat to upgrade urself

very geng

coming from a childhood where ppl barely speak english…u grow up to mingle around everyone who does

even u can’t speak well… u tried hard… and u really adapt very well

if my children wanna stay in temerloh..must make sure they like ah look

if not then jangan harap i will put them in temerloh school


i chat with my good friend last week…he commented about me. i very care and concern what ppl talk bout me, no matter good or bad. i mind. if it is bad, i’ll take time to recover myself after hearing those -ve comments. for good one, i very appreciate it, it will motivated me to be a better person. =) and this above comment can say is the best comment i’d ever received before.

i am a very ordinary boy come from temerloh, i live in a small village. yes, my house is made by wood. i had my primary education at SRJKC Khee Chee, the one and only chinese school at my area. before i enter Khee Chee, papa n mama try to register me in a SRK, malay school..the reason is i can speak better BM, n unfortunately the school is full, so i went to the chinese school. i should thanks God for that, hehe. if i were in SRK. i think my life will be totally different now. (another joshua? or kevin? lol!!)

i spend most of the time playing while i was a kid. after school, cycle around the village, play hide n seek, play PS one, lepak at my friend house, and the most terrible thing is i spent hell a lot in Video Game Centre. i went almost everyday, normally me n my frens will practice the game in house, then we will go there and challenge other ppls. the feeling of beating others dam nice. n once u win, more n more ppl will come n challenge u, then the crowd will be bigger. my records was 29 won in Tekken. proud le! =p

wonder where is the time i study n do my home work? hehe. in school, we always competed who will finish the homework in school, so no homework after school. some of us even play cheat, we do homework in advanced when we’re free. so when teacher assign the works, we already done. hehe. i attended a tuition class since i was standard one. there was the place where i learn english. last time, chinese school only teach english from standard 3 and above. i hate all the grammars and tenses. it messed up my life! lol. even until today, i have a lot of grammar mistakes. hehe. who cares. as long as ppl understand what i wanted to say. i am fine with it. in school, i always score the highest in my Mandarin paper, but English just so so. but at least i glad i didnt fail the paper. n thanks God bless me passed my UPSR wit above average result. =)

there was no Chinese secondary school at my area, for secondary school, i went to SJK Abu Bakar Temerloh. new experiences for me to mix with so many malay friends. before i enter secondary school, i always heard of students fighting especially fight btw different ethnics group. but i never fight in my secondary school. i mixed well wit all my friends, malays, indians, n even chindian (lol, u know who u are). i start realize the important of education when i was in secondary school. i saw ppl very serious in their studies and working very hard on it. i also realize that my tuition class in my village is not efficient to cope my studies. i told my papa i want to join tuition class at housing area, he agreed without asking anything. so i cycled about 15 minutes from my house to tuition class twice a week. when i was in the year of PMR, i start to feel the stress of exam, i am so desperate to do well in my study. i took another step, i joined tuition class at Mentakab, which i used bus to travel. and there is where i first saw kevin and his gang! because of all the hardwork, i passed my PMR too. Thanks God again.=)

when form 4 times, classes are separate to science stream and art stream. first time my class have more than 10 chinese students. =) n i am taking 11 subjects for my SPM including account. just incase i cant do well in science, at least i have a backup. hehe. n that time, my tuition classes are hell a lot!!! i took tuition for BM, English, Physics, Chemistry, Add Maths, Account and Moral(2 months). u probably say i am sick. hehe. i admit i was really sick that time. n because of this, papa spent a lot for me. thank you papa. i didn’t disappoint you n i passed my SPM flying color. =p Thanks God again.

after SPM result, i failed to get JPA scholarship, Petronas scholarship and Matriculation. i get nothing. n i was quite disappointed. is like we spend years to study dam freakin hard, and i get nothing in the end, pathetic. i joined form 6 in the bio class. one day, i get a call from Yayasan Pahang, WTF!!! i get the scholarship from them. phew!!! dam happy. i enter UTP wit Yayasan Pahang scholarship and start my uni life.

weird right? i am doin bio in form 6, n suddenly i am taking engineering in UTP. Foundation year, my results were sucks. i questioned my interest on engineering, do i really suitable taking this course. i doubt. then i start my degree first year, i started to feel my passion on engineering. i am glad that i didnt made a wrong decision. =) until today, is already my third year of degree. one last year to go. hope the strength is still wit me. hehe


one thing i must say, the peoples i mixed change me a lot. when i was in school, i mixed with friends whose their parents are teacher. see the way they study, motivated me to study hard as well. and they always willing to share knowledge wit me.

i mixed with peoples elder than me when i joined Sinchew Daily junior reporter. mixed with matured peoples make me think maturely. their life experience is so interesting and valuable. i learned a lot from them. 

then i mixed with peoples that speak english. i feel my english is so terrible, but i try to adapt, talk to them more even i cant speak well, listen english songs, and it works. compare to the me in secondary school. is whole a lot better. n those english songs introduced by my friends in uni already became part of my life. =)

i mixed with peoples that from different cultures, religions and backgrounds. from them, i learn how to appreciate and see things from different angles and think differently. 

i cant say the faiker today is good enough. but he is trying everything he could. hehe~ n thanks for everyone that came into my life. whether u walk passed my life or you’re still with me. is YOU. you are one of them that affected me and changed me. =) 



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