Daily Archives: May 15, 2008

.:If u saw this:.

if u saw this, PLS GET UR ASS BACK N STUDY FOR UR FINAL…u r not supposed wasting so much time here…what happened is already happened…nothing much u can do…but the exam is not over yet…so for ur parents sake, for pei chie sake, for my sake, for all the ppl that care bout u…PLS study…u wanna emo, u wanna smoke, u wanna drunk, u wanna fxxk…do all u wan after that…


Translation: when u think that u dumped by someone, actually u r not losing anything.. but the one who dumped you, he/she lost a person that like them, and u only lost one person that doesn’t like u..Waiting someone to love u, y dont u learn how to love urself more? if today u didnt love urself more than yesterday, then what’s the meaning for tomorrow? 

God bless you! you know who you r~ pls dont disappointed everyone that care bout you~ 


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