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Kalba is a beach, i went there wit my colleague. just 15 minutes drive from our town…quite near…lol~on the way to kalba, saw many cars stop at the road side and a crowd is bull fighting…i heard of it, but never really look for i asked yus to stop by and have a look…if u expect this something like mexico, then u r wrong…lol..this one not that extreme…just 2 bull…u pull me i pull u…lol!!!

after that, head to the beach, is friday, so quite a lot of ppl also, playing some water sport, swimming, playing beach futsal, n hanging around like me…supposed to visit the culture market…but dont know y tat day was closed, miss the opportunity to take picture wit camel…-_-“

every friday, there is firework performance at 730pm sharp, u can see the fire work there prepared…crazy first i was wondering what the heck they are doing…wanna bomb the whole beach is it? lol!!

while waiting for the firework show, we dinner at kfc near by the beach…so at least if the firework started, we still can see from there…

nice place…at least better that sit at home during weekend…lol..think will come back again next time…

p/s: KFC didn’t pay any money for me to advertise in my blog, just so happened that the picture captured their logo…-_-“


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