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i am assigned to design some temporary steel work, but i dont have any idea how to do it…=_=” wat u expect oh? i not yet take my steel structure course…even if taken, i am not sure i can do it or not…LOL..while cracking my head on how to design…write an entry first…hehe..

first time in my life i saw this, red color absolut vodka, is not because the vodka had flavor or wat, the words is just in red, then i check it out, OMG is 50% alcohol…is blardy 50%…if u already knew bout this then is fine, forgive me…i am from kampung…what u expect? lol!! =p

Philippine most favourite food, eggs with small little duck inside..philippine workers working at our site brought it from philippine, u can see the fetus of the baby duck n little feather after peel the egg shell..=_=” sorry la, i aint gonna eat that…enjoy urself…

taking this picture during company’s dinner, with my regional manager’s son, afiff..dam cute…i told u edi…i love kids..hehe…and i guess they love me too…lol~~5 months didnt see my niece edi…miss her…hope she will still can recognize me…

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