Daily Archives: May 10, 2008

.:Her Day:.

she used to leave me alone in the house when i was young, or dump me to grandma. she seems like not care bout me. she promised me a lot, but she never made it. she lies to me a lot. she hit me wit hanger and rubber hose and i will run around the house. she is the hardest person to contact, and always missing in action. she broke my heart, many times.

BUT, she cook whatever i want to eat, she buy me anything i wan if she afford, she trust me 100% on what i doing, n she gave the greatest support to me. i knew, she loves me, just that she never say it to me.

may be she is not the perfect or the best mother, but i love her too. i called her yesterday, she was so happy and she thought that i will forget bout this. hell no, i only have one mom, the one and only, love u mama and Happy Mother’s Day. =) 

how bout u? u already greet ur mom happy mother’s day? =) 



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