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WTF!!!!! i never expected kareen will surprised me…cuz i know her too well…i always knew what she is goin to do…LOL!!!! but this time, she did surprised me…LOL!!!!! with this i will laugh the whole day..  


I believe he has everything an ordinary girl would ask for. He’s smart, brilliant,witty and naturally charimastic. A civil engineer to be and always one of the top student in the course. A multi-tasker and adventurous person. Behind his tough look, he’s has a soft nature inside him which is sensitive and considerate for others’ needs and feelings. How he had reach wherever he is today is never an easy one for him. He did not come from a family of great wealth and good support despite being the only child in his family. He depended on himself to obtained and achieved whatever he have today. Growing up independently,he worked hard and scored scholarship to further his undergraduate studies with his own effort.Currently, he’s doing his internship as a site engineer in Dubai. He’s cute and good-looking too, some even dubbed him as Edison Chen look-alike. He has big eyes, fair and baby face. And he even can cook good meals from anything Chinese, Western and Itallian and even babysit his niece during holidays!I hope he will be chosen as one of The CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2009 because he always lament that until today he’s still a virgin and never had a special someone before! P Well, jokes aside, I sincerely hope he will be part of the chosen one because he deserved it and this platform will boost his confidence and make him believe that he has the ability and power to attract any girl he wants too.

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Yeah, she nominee me for Cleo 2009 Eligible Bachelor….WTF!!!!!!!! lol~~~ i cant stop laughing.. when i see this…. is that really me? or kareen just wanna con me for a meal by telling white lies….anyway…u deserved a treat…claim it when i back to utp….LOL!!!!!


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