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“You make me so hot
Make me wanna drop
It’s so ridiculous
I can barely stop
I can hardly breathe
You make me wanna scream”

Winamp is playing avril lagvine-hot. exactly describing the condition here now. is already summer in uae. here is 2 season country. when i arrived here, it was winter, the weather is so nice. something like cameron highland and genting highland. sleep wit aircond off. 

now. the fxxking hot sun like a fireball. is 41 celsius today. n it will reach around 50 in june and july. kill me or i will die by then..i walk out from the office to another cabin. the sunlight is burning the skin. feel dam pain!!! like putting weak acid to the skin…wtf!!!! n the heat!!! once u r out from the cabin…the heat hit straight on ur face…feel like inside the oven…n i am start melting…

if u think that is only for afternoon…then your are wrong…at night…the wind is blowing…but the wind is hot!!! fxxk!!! just the different is afternoon u feel inside an oven, night u are at sauna…free sauna huh? dam!!! when i wanna take a cold bath…to chill myself…wtf!!! the water from the tap is hot too…my balls almost cooked!!! dam it…my fren advise me store a pail of water in the morning before go to work…use it for bath in the evening!!

i am not trying to exaggerate here…is real HOT!!!! 

updated- after complaint by khian 



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