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29 Apr

i need to do her this favor, u know y? cause all my text books, my aquarium, my small cabinet, everything is in her house, tumpang for one semester…if i dont do this..i am worried all my things will gone forever…=p lol…

INSTRUCTIONS – You’ve got to answer the questions based on Winamp or any music players, with list of your favorite songs in random / shuffle mode. And to make things even interesting, the questions are to be answered based on the songs you are currently listening to – like for each new question, you gotta hit “NEXT” on your player and see what song comes up next, and from there, you gotta answer the questions and the answer gotta be that particular song.

Here are the questions:-

1. If Someone Say “Is This Ok?”, You Say?
: Avril Lavigne-Together

the ans is true when this ques is asked by “her”…dont ask who is the her..LOL!!

2. What Would Best Describe Your Best Personality?
: Usher-Moving Mountains

Moving mountains? my personality move like a mountain? mountains is impossible to move. i think this means that no matter how i will still be me, wont change my personality…=p
3. What Do You Like In A Guy / Girl?
: Linkin Park- The Little Things Give You Away

yup!! i like the little things of gals that blew me away!! a sms, a hug, a kiss, seems little, but i like it.

4. How Do You Feel Today?
: Timbaland Feat Fallouy Boy-One & Only

yeah, i am the the one n only. mix around wit the alphabets u will get LONELY in he end…DAM!!

5. What Is Your Life Purpose?
: Jack Johnson-Go On

cool…my life purpose is just GO ON…no matter what sh*t happened!!

*Just go on
There’re still so many things
I wanna to say to you
But go on
Just go on
We’re bound by blood that’s moving
The moment that we started*

6. What Is Your Motto?
: Paramore-Pressure

LOL…my motto is pressure? i think it shud be the reverse.. CHILL!!!!!!!

7. What Do Your Friends Think About You?
: Paramore-CrushCrushCrush

oppss…is tat means all my friends having crush on me?? lol….TOO much!!

8. What Do You Think About Your Parents?
: Mariah Carey-Migrate

exactly what i planning to do for them…migrate them to another country…lets them enjoy their life..

9. What Do You Think About Very Often?
: Jack’s Mannequin-The Mixed Tape

*And I can’t get to you
I can’t get to you
I can’t get to you (you, you)

Where are you now?*
10. What Do You Think About Bestie?
: Backstreet Boys-Something That I Already Know

huh?? act i dont know lo..=_=”

11. What Do You Think Of The Person You Like?
: Rihanna-Shut Up and Drive

LOL….i wont do that to the person i like la…=)

12. What’s Your Life Story?
: Daughtry-Feels Like Tonight

*I was waiting
For the day you’d come around.
I was chasing,
And nothing was all I found.
From the moment you came into my life,
You showed me what’s right*

13. What Do You Want To Be When Grow Up
: Michelle Branch-All You Wanted

wow!!!! is tat means i can do watever i want? cool!!!!!!

14. What Do You Think When You See The Person You Like
: Switchfoot-Dare You To Move

DAMN!!!! ok…i admit when i come to the person i like…i cant move…=(

15. What Do Your Parents Think Of You?
: Avril Lavigne-I Always Get What I Want

hmmm…kind of true but not so true…lol…but i know they love me…i appreciated every thing from them.

16. What Will You Dance To At Your Wedding?
: Oasis-Wonderwall 

*I said maybe 
You’re gonna be the one who saves me ? 
And after all 
You’re my wonderwall* 

17. What’s Your Hobby / Interest?
: Peter Pan-Mungkin Nanti

haha…i dont exactly have a interest yet…”mungkin nanti” i will have la…

18. What’s Your Biggest Fear?
: Amy Winehouse-You Know I’m No Good

=_=” i really fear when ppl tell me i am no good..LOL!!!! _!_ nah!!!!

19. What’s Your Biggest Secret?
: Coldplay-A Whisper

already mentioned is secret, how can i tell? ok..i will whisper..********

20. What Do You Think About The Person Who Started This Tag?
: Justin Timberlake-Sexy Ladies

OMG!!! is not a coincidence…WHOPPEESOUL…u r sexy lady!!!!! LOL!!!!!

21. What Do You Think About The Person Who Tagged You To Do This Entry?
: Simple Plan-Welcome To My Life

haha…u really brings a lot of fun for my uni life…happy to have u around…=p 


dont know who to tag, most of them already tagged by kareen too… it if u free…LOL~~




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2 responses to “.:Tagged by whoppeesoul:.

  1. kareen

    April 29, 2008 at 6:32 am

    u do or dont do i will still throw ur things away..coz im stil waitin for my jogoya~~LOL..kiamsiap guy, where’s my jogoya?

  2. Joshua

    April 29, 2008 at 11:51 am

    Me? Why me? …. kinda busy lately.. will do it when i am free…


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