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17 Feb

guess how long i already blogging?

tat day i chat wit lun lun, we discuss something very interested…some philosophy regarding relationship…exchanging opinions and sharing thoughts..haha..then the conversation remind me something i wrote in my blog i go through my frenster blog database and check..guess wat?? i found out that i start blogging on july 2005..OMG!!! i already blog for 2 n half years…unbelievable…tat was long!!!

i take some times to read back all the stuffs i wrote…it make me feel very good…a lot of memories flash back in my mind…is like i watching a movie that describe my life in the past 2 years..every moment is so real…i am proud of myself to keep writing…blogging is already part of my life…not onli to share my feelings n stories wit my frens…but also as a record for myself…when i read back all the post…i knew wat i’ve done before…

i wanna thanks all my frens tat visit my blogs…cant admit that u guys giv me motivation to blog…especially when i am down…i post something to seek for advise and comfort…thx for the concerns and comments to make me feel better…got me standing still after i fell down painfully in my life…also wanna thx to play fun wit me when i put something stupid and crazy….every comments from u guys make me feel good~ appreciated very much!!!

besides writing, i also like to read other ppl’s blog…cuz i like to explore other ppl’s life…to see wat they can see and i couldn’t, to feel wat they can feel and i couldn’t…really nice~this world is big…many places that we never visit, many foods that we never try, many music that we never listen, many things we never see and never think of…we can experience all  in other ppl’s life…appreciate the world from other ppl’s view…

so, welcome u to feel and see wat is in my life…i am here to share everything i have~


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